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The easy-to-use interactive plant database with over 20,000 plants & 15,000 stunning plant pictures
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For beginner & expert gardeners everywhere ...

Many thousands of high quality FULL SCREEN plant images
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Find plants easily with propagation, cultivation & descriptive information for many thousands of plants

The most powerful, yet easy-to-use plant database for plant identification, plant selection & garden management

Growing Plants is blooming marvellous
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Growing Plants runs on Windows 7, Vista, XP and all Windows computers

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"Blooming marvellous - a boon to botanists, gardeners and students alike"  - David Bellamy

Wow, what a fantastic product !  As a Craftsman of Horticulture of 22 years I find this is the only reference work I need as it contains just about every garden plant I can think of (plus some I can’t).
 -  John Hinckley

"The database is absolutely brilliant for what I need, much better than others I have viewed.  Being a Garden Design Student and running my own small Design business this will prove invaluable, and fab that I can add my own notes, images etc, without any complications at all.
I would recommend it to everyone with an interest in horticulture, it is brilliant"
- Claire Jaram
"P.S: It's also a brilliant idea to be able to hear plant names spoken."

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Make the most of your garden ...
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