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You can print out any plant information easily. (Click on the picture to see the full-size screenshot.) Click to see the full screen.
  CLICK HERE see demonstration videos

You can pick any combination of the 60 plant features to include in a print out.

The report can be previewed so that you can see on screen that it looks just as you want it before opting to print it out on paper.

You can create reports with or without pictures, and for individual plants or for selected plant lists.

In this example, some text features have been chosen for preview from the 138 shrubs selected which are evergreen, between 1 and 3 metres tall, and have red or pink flowers (Deluxe edition).  You can print out text and/or pictures for between 1 and 500 plants per report.

You can choose the print outs that would be really useful for taking with you into the garden, or to the garden centre, on holiday, or on a countryside walk, or for giving to friends.

Just about everything can be done with one or two clicks of the mouse !  

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